Saturday, June 16, 2012

Played SCV today...

Such a boring day.

Played Soul Calibur V today.

Messing around with Character Creation hue! :I


If you're not familiar, Character Creation mode first started in Soul Calibur III as 'Create-A-Soul' mode in which you, well,  simply create your perfect character. You can choose their gender, face, hair, voice, then their clothes, and not to mention, their fighting styles (like Mitsurugi or Kilik or Ivy, whatnot). In SCV, they offer a huge number of options and freedom compared to its predecessors. You can change the size of certain body parts of your character, and also their height. Give your female character big boobs they said, It will be bigger than Ivy's. LIESSSSSSS!!!!!


I have created alot of characters in SCV, OCs or not. I can spend the whole day customizing than playing :I Nah jk. No srsly I was just exaggerating D8 Spending more time customizing can be boring you know. SC is a fighting game ..with a hint of dress up game. LOL

"Soul Calibur V, a game where you come for combat, but stay for creation" -

Anyway, let's see em characters I made (not OCs lol) 8D

First of, Mugi and Mio from K-ON!

Mugi's potrait c8 
isnt she a cutie?

aww..Camera shy Mugi

Mugi in cat costume XD

Mio (Pyrrha) in Listen! black dress. She'll stabby stab you deep deep with her strawberry-flavored sword and knock you down with her moe moe power shield .

Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by many versions. =w=

Hatsune Miku "Append"

My Favourite Miku Costume ^^


P.S: I also customized Leixia in Miku's "Natural" costume, but I deleted it ;A;)\

My Little Pony Apple Jack

HUEHUE! Apple Jack <3 I liek Apple Jack.

League of Legends


...oh, pretty colours *w*

Miss Fortune~
Guns blazing, I tried ;w;

Noel Vermillion from Blazblue

"Your breasts are illegal"
"..So I'm placing you under arrest!"
Pyrrha as Noel Vermillion

Shinjiro Aragaki from Persona 3

My Husbando (?) LOLOL

MUAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nothing can kill him now!!!

Fenris from Dragon Age II

At first he was like,
Fenris, Y U SO HARD TO DO? (otl)

"So that's how I look like when I'm in Soul Calibur universe? Oh O-Okaayyy~"

Note: I also made (Grey Warden) Alistair, but I deleted him cause he looked "generic" ><


Tekken Girls

(Style: Raphael)

Asuka Kazama
Ohh Sexy~
(Style: Mitsurugi)

Nina Williams

(Style: Natsu)
Watch Nina in action Here. 


Amy Viola 


Soul Calibur Characters who didn't make the cut

OTL Yun-Seong

Patroklos as Yun-Seong.
IDK why but Patroklos sometimes reminds me of Yun-Seong D8 
They're both good kicker, perhaps?

Not Pat. Some Custom guy.
Yun-Seong's SCIV P2.

Taki SCII Player 2 Costume

Natsu's cosplaying as Taki? XD


Last but not least!!

Steve Blackman

This guy was sooo badass! D8
I hope we get to see him in WWE'13 !!

"It's party time!!"

and who could forget his kendo stick? 8DD

So many ! See how awesome the Creation Mode in SCV is?! These are only SOME I made. Others are my OCs tehee! and I also made myself in there 8D.

The options are endless. You can also create Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Captain America, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Sasuke from Naruto, Spiderman, etc. etc. Anyone you like! XD

That's all for now. Sorry for this long ass post! I hope I didnt bored you to death. ASDJKL:;;

Have a Nice Day!